Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids... sometimes I wonder...

So I thought the saying was the "terrible 2's"... no one informed me of the horrific 3's! I don't know if it's just me (my husband will say yes!) or what but this week all my patience have flown right out the window!!! It is a good thing Glen David is on a fathers and sons campout right now or I would probably have him locked in a closet while I was curled up in the fetal position in a corner bawling my eyes out or pulling all my hair out! Here are a few adventures of my week with Glen David:

1. At 7:00 am (right after waking up) I found him sitting on a chair in my living room shoveling as many Hershey kisses in his mouth as he possibly could. His answer to my question of "what in the world are you doing?" was, "I'm just hungry." What a lovely way to start off a day.

2. After loosing the 3 hour battle of attempting nap time yesterday, it ended with no nap for either of the boys, lots of spanking and yelling, baby lotion all over the floor, all the shelves in the closet (even the top one) completely empty all over the floor along with two buckets of approximately 20 pairs of shoes, and the top drawer of Jaxon's clothes. (the day before during nap time he got out the Vicks Vapo Rub and rubbed that all over the furniture in his room and all over his feet).

3. Peeing right in the middle of his bedroom floor... "just because".

4. Purposely crumbling several crackers in his hands and scattering them all over the kitchen floor because he thought it was fun.

5. Filling up a cup of water from the fridge to the top and then standing there watching it overflow all over the floor as he continued to push the button.

I am sure there are more but it's late and my blood is beginning to boil just thinking about the past few days. I am sure the little antics are not done and hopefully next week I will be able to practice a little more patience but this week was not the week to mess with 'mean old mom'! As my grandma nicely put it tonight, I need the saying she has on her fridge... "Lord grant me patience, but please hurry!"

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, I finally got a chance to continue my last post from Glen Allen's birthday... here was the big surprise! He got his much wanted Siberian Husky puppy. I wanted to surprise Glen Allen with an actual puppy on his birthday but I decided it would be best to let him pick out the exact one he wanted. So I got him a book on huskies, a chew toy and a "certificate of choice" to allow him to pick out the one he wanted. The next day, we luckily found Bandit in El Mirage. It's hard to find breeders here in Arizona! He is a great little puppy with a lot of energy. The boys absolutely love him!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I am so LuCkY!

I have the best and hottest husband in the world. How hot is this? He got a guitar for Christmas and he frequently goes online, finds new music, learns how to play the songs and then plays and sings as he swings in his hammock. How many women can say they get serenaded on a regular basis as they make dinner? ME!!!

Did I also mention that tomorrow is his big 28th Birthday?? If you didn't know, I am surprised because according to him, everyone should know that April 1oth is the most important day of the YEAR!
My husband is worse than any little kid when it comes to Christmas and his birthday. If he could have it his way, we would celebrate his birthday the entire month before and the entire month after the actual day. Usually about a month before his birthday and/or Christmas the pestering begins... "So, what are you getting me for my birthday? Come on, just tell me! Just give me a hint?" He even stoops as low as asking questions like... "is it just for me or for the whole family to enjoy? Is it bigger or smaller than a couch? Bigger or smaller than a book? Bigger or smaller than a cell phone?" He tries to start guessing and I can't lie to save my life so he usually finds out only because he guesses every possible thing in the book until he gets that "I can't lie" expression from me. It's more exciting for him to find out what he is getting than to wait until the actual day to get the surprise. It drives me up the WALL and comes close to requiring a "strong drink" to calm me down! I have the hardest time surprising him! He already found out part of the plan for tomorrow but there is still something he hasn't figured out yet! I am so excited about this gift but it's a secret for now! More to come...

What a Weekend!

There are many things to look forward to each conference weekend... the much-needed uplifting messages, the break from fighting both boys during church, the break from teaching primary, the used-to-be girls night out during the priesthood session (which is now mom-and-kids night out), laying around in my pj's for two days, taking a nap between sessions, and did I mention getting a break from teaching primary, and spending time with the family. Saturday morning before the early session we headed up to the rolls (on the north end of Saguaro Lake) and took a little ride. The boys love the golf cart and of course Glen Allen was in heaven just like he is every time he gets a chance to ride!


One of the perks to Glen Allen's new job is the fact that Flagstaff is part of his area and he has to visit at least once a month. A few weeks ago, we decided to head up as a family and enjoy a nice little overnight getaway on the company (don't tell anyone)! :) We made the mistake of telling Glen David, on the drive up, that there was going to be snow up there. The whole time all he could think or talk about was the snow. He wanted to go snowboarding (like father, like son)! Luckily there was still a little snow on the ground up by Snow Bowl and the boys got their first taste of the cold white "stuff". Jaxon was a little unsure of it at first and Glen David didn't like the fact that Glen Allen kept throwing it at him but they both quickly got the hang of it. As you can see, we weren't really dressed appropriately (hence the capri's and flip flops) but we still seemed to have a good time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Everything was GREAT in 1998!!

You know that you are old when you wake up one day and realize that your 10-year high school reunion is right around the corner! Yup... it's true... this year is both mine and Glen Allen's 10 year reunion. I just found out that mine is in June and Glen Allen's is in October. You know what that means... it's time to kick it into high gear to get all this dang marriage/baby/lazy weight off! I feel soooo old...


Well after much procrastination and many frustrating days we have finally tackled (and succeeded) the art of "potty training". I don't know if it was more training for me and Glen Allen or for Glen David! This is a picture of Glen David with his bribery...a new sand toy from grandma and a BIG FAT ICEE!

Viva la Mexico!

Our friends Rocky and Casey invited us to join in on their twice-a-year tradition to El Golfo, Mexico. To be honest, I was hesitant to go with how far away it was (especially since we were only going to be there for 2 days), the price of gas for Glen's gas guzzler and the fact that we have been gone so much lately. But I am so glad we went! This was my first experience tenting it on the beach and even though I felt like we endured a hurricane (in a tent) we had a blast, none the less! The boys did some great riding, they played in the ocean and in the massive sandbox, we ate delicious food and enjoyed some great company!

Glen Allen and Glen David on the beach!

Jaxon on the run to the water!

Momma's 3 boys, just being boys!

There is nothing like a good tootsie pop mixed in with a little sand! These 4 all jumped onto Glen David's little quad to enjoy a tasty treat.

Jaxon's cute little bum!

Glen David all dressed and ready to RIDE!

Jaxon riding his toy...

Glen Allen riding HIS TOY!!!