Friday, June 5, 2009

Food for thought...

Although I have had experiences like this in the past, I had a very much needed conversation today at the gym, with a friend, that was definitely an answer to prayers and a testimony builder on the importance of trials in our lives and the blessings we recieve from our trials. This woman proceeded to share some of her daughters experiences with me and the struggles and trials her daughter has faced and how she continues to hold her head high, learn from those trials and embrace the lessons learned. My heart just sunk at the things I was hearing and I found myself thinking, "I don't know how anyone could go through so much and still keep going." I also found myself thinking, "You big baby... what is your problem? You complain and whine over such trival things in life, look at what others go through and still manage to stay strong." As any of you know, who really know me... I am not good with handling stress, seeing the sunshine through the clouds, realizing that things happen for a reason and realizing that I can't control the outcome of everything. I am grateful for those around me who are a constant support and lifeline in guiding me and keeping me sane. I am also grateful for the lessons learned through other individuals trials and struggles in life and I am so grateful for the little things in life that I take for granted. Although I still have my struggles, I know that I am EXTREMELY blessed and unfortunately sometimes I have a hard time seeing and remembering those little blessings. I know that we are not given anything that we can not handle. I rarely see this lady at the gym and I have never even really had a real conversation with her before... there is no doubt in my mind that the conversation, comments, thoughts and feelings shared today were a direct answer to prayers and I am grateful for those who take the time to be an instrument in teaching me the lessons I need to learn.
Maybe my thoughts today will be a tool or an answer to prayers for one of you but if not, at least it is a way for me to really think and contemplate on the experience I had this morning. Thanks for being my listening post... :)