Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday BEST!

Here a just a few pictures of the boys before we headed off to church. They are getting so big, I can't even believe it. As much as I feel like it is about time for another little one I really enjoy the fact that both of my boys are past the baby stuff and are so fun! Glen is just too smart for his own britches and Jaxon has all of the sudden become such a little parrot. He repeats anything he hears, good or bad! :)

Back in the SaDdLe AGAIN!

This week marks the beginning of another very busy semester for me. Although I enjoyed the summer months without much teaching, I am glad it's time for the semester to start (gotta love bills)! I am back teaching at CGCC again as well as NAU and the University of Phoenix which will keep me very busy! I also just started coaching the high school diving team (I know, totally random huh?) which is definitely a blast from the past, but it is so fun! Now I can torture the kids, just like my coaches used to do to me! :) So to say the least, between 3 schools, coaching, being mom and wife, and working out I am back in the saddle again! Yeehaw!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Well, my worst nightmares have come true. It looks like our potential buyers of the Queen Creek house have decided to bail which means we are getting the house back within the next week. At this point, I am at a loss for words and I don't know what more to do but curl up in a ball and cry. If anyone knows of anybody interested in either purchasing or renting a house, please send them my way. At this point we are desperate to get someone in there to at least rent it for the time being. Please pass the word along! Thanks!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Is it over YET?

Sorry for the lack of postings lately... I have been in a "funk" for most of the summer. I will be so happy when the summer is over, because this one has been the hardest, by far, since Glen Allen and I have been married. Between family problems, car problems, $$$ problems, no vacation, the crappy economy (which is a contributor to problem #3), the summer heat (which always puts me in a bad mood) and dealing with the lovely 3 year old attitude, it's been quite an interesting few months. I am sure all these little "trials" are for a reason, however, I really wish I would learn the lesson(s) soon so I can move on. Even though I have had a rough summer, I am very grateful for the blessings that I do have. Sometimes it takes some real pondering for me to realize what I am blessed with (since I am such a nego - a quality I need to work on) but I know I have been blessed and prayers have been answered. I am so grateful for such great support from friends and family (especially my husband and my mom)... they do a great job of keeping me sane when I am about to have a complete meltdown. Hopefully things will start being on the up and up soon! I will keep my fingers crossed!