Monday, May 25, 2009

Projects... projects... and more projects!

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather to have a "project weekend" at our house. Glen Allen came home from the gym on Friday morning and had been inspired by his buddies garden and decided he wanted to plant a salsa garden. So Friday we began project #1 (planting our salsa garden) by digging out the entire planter so we could paint the inside to protect the house from water damage. After digging and painting we decided to give the paint time to dry so we headed over to pick up a bunk bed for the boys from a sweet lady named Diane, who gave us the bed for free, which began project #2 (redecorating the boys bedroom). After picking up the bed, we headed over to the nursery to pick out our plants and herbs for the garden. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted so we took a nap before heading out for the evening to BBQ, swim and play games until late into the night with our good friends. Thanks for a fun night, Kash and Tiffany!

Saturday morning came bright and early as Glen Allen and I headed back outside to finish the garden. Unfortunately after digging all the dirt out, now we had to dig it all back in to begin planting. So after about an hour of straight shoveling, we had finally conquered the fill in, just in time for the boys to wake up to plant everything. They thought it was so fun to put the plant in and then push the dirt around it. As small as it is... we are very excited about our garden accomplishment. It only took us 6 1/2 years of marriage to get a garden but it's done and now (if we can just keep everything alive) we are going to be able to make some killer salsa! The big garden is to come but we are starting off small (and cheap)!
Glen Allen and Glen David planting...check out Glen David's green shovel... he was so excited to play in the dirt!

More gardening....

Our herbs.....
Our peppers, jalepenos, etc....
Our sad little tomatoes....

After finishing the garden it was on to project #2... the BIG Kahuna! Before Glen David was potty trained we told him that if he would get potty trained we would get him a "motorcycle room". Well, the potty training happened and was successful (about 2 years ago) and we just barely got around to starting the room. Better late than never, huh? So we cleared out the room and began the tedious painting. Can I just tell you how much I hate the prep work??? I was so sick and tired of blue tape! But after about 6 hours, two boys with no naps, several movies for entertainment while mommy and daddy worked, sore backs and paint everywhere, we finally did it! The top is a grayish/silver color, the bottom is black and the middle is, yes you guessed it... Kawasaki GREEN! The pictures don't do it justice but it looks awesome! We then put together the bunk bed, put on the new bedding and hung a few motorcycle pictures and called it a day! We still have more decorating to do but at least the walls are done and the bed is up and luckily we finished it just in time for the boys to go to bed and Glen Allen and I to collapse (after getting a call at 9:30 to substitute Sunbeams in the morning). YIKES!
The blasted BLUE TAPE!

Painting in progress...

The end results! As I mentioned the pictures don't do it justice, but I am pretty proud of it so far... we aren't done but the bank account can't handle anymore right now. :(

The new (to us) bunk bed!
Jaxon is still trying to get comfortable with going up and down the stairs on the bunk bed to get up to Glen's bed.

Sunday was a nice day of rest, except for having church at 8 a.m. and having to substitute Sunbeams and give an hour lesson on being grateful for ears. How can someone talk for an HOUR about EARS to 4 year olds???? It was another project in and of itself... and I am a teacher by profession for crying out loud!

Anyway, then this morning while Glen Allen went riding, I did at a little catching up in school and then began project #3... deep cleaning of the entire house! It's now 2:45, the garden is planted, the room is done, the Sunbeams have been taught about their ears, my house is spotless and all the boys are now taking a nap... yes, all the boys... daddy included!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jam packed Saturday!

Saturday was a very busy, but very fun family day for us! The morning started bright and early for Glen Allen and Colter (Glen's brother). While the rest of us slept, the boys headed out for a short morning ride. After riding, they came back, picked us up and we headed over to the Skate park so the boys could get in a skate session while mommy went on a Dunkin' Donut run! While the other boys were still skating, I ran Glen to his Primary activity day, headed back to get the boys, we drove through the car wash to clean off the dirtbikes in the back of the truck and then we were off to pick up Glen from his activity day. We managed to clean two pools (side jobs) in the hustle and bustle of the day and then headed to Nana's for a good swim! After swimming, it was nap time! As you can see, the boys all crashed while I managed to squeeze in some time to jump online to teach and then it was off to a BBQ at the Harrolds. We didn't get home until about 10:30! Talk about a long day! It made it VERY difficult to be up and ready for church at 8 a.m.

Colter rippin' it up on the trail!

Jaxon and I in the car while we were waiting for Glen Allen and Colter to clean the bikes.

Crash time when we got home from swimming. None of them even made it to their rooms, they all zonked out in front of the TV. Jaxon wasn't out yet but it didn't take long!

Las Vegas - Supercross Finals!

Those of you who really know my husband, know that he lives for motocross! Whether it's doing it, reading it, watching it, or whatever, he is hooked! Each year he tries to make it to Vegas for the Supercross Finals which is typically a "guys trip" but this year none of the guys could go, which meant I was the lucky one! It's was wonderful... a nice little trip with my honey with NO KIDS in our favorite J.W. Marriott Resort! Yippee! Friday night we just walked around the strip, doing the usual touristy things (sorry no gambling... it just wasn't in the budget) and staying up until all hours of the night!

Then Saturday morning we headed over to the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. Glen had never been before and we really enjoyed it. They have several dolphins and then the tigers, lions, etc. that are really close! After that, we headed to Sam Boyd Stadium for the BIG EVENT! The whole afternoon was set aside for the pits...which if you are not familiar with SuperCross, the pits is where all the riders are out signing autographs, the sponsors are all out showing off their products and there are a lot of half dressed girls (hence the reason it is usually a guys trip)! Just kidding! Anyway, well as you know Vegas is not the coldest place in the world, especially in May! It was hotter than *!^# but Glen Allen was in Motocross Wonderland so it was worth it! That night was the big event and of course Bubba Stewart took the win! All in all... it was a fun night... until we had to deal with the traffic. I am not the most patient person when it comes to traffic and it took us at least an hour to get out of the parking lot! URGH! On top of a late night the night before, a lot of sun and a hungry tummy, I was not a happy camper but we finally made it through the mess and found an IHOP at midnight! YUM!

Sunday morning we strolled the strip a little bit more and then hit up the infamous breakfast buffet at the Paris! We never go to Vegas without hitting the breakfast buffet. It's worth the drive! Then we headed home to sit in traffic again (well over an hour) to get across the Hoover Dam. It was a fun, much needed trip!
The dolphins, tigers and lion at the Mirage!
Glen and I taking a ride... giddy up!
At the M&M factory... at least I felt skinny next to him!
My husband with the half dressed Monster chicks! The story behind the poster... Glen and Trevor (a friend of ours from the ward) seem to have had some friendly banter throughout the whole season on who would win. Trevor was going for Chad Reed and of course we are Stewart fans. Trevor was so jealous that we were able to go to the Finals so Glen thought it would be nice to rub it in and get some pictures with all the chicks at the pits. He took 3 different shots, with 3 different groups of girls holding this sign and then he blew up the pictures and gave them to Trevor when we got home! Trevor LOVED them! :)

Riders at the pits putting on a little show!

We didn't get any pictures at the actual race (I'm not quite sure why) but it was a great trip!

Monday, May 4, 2009

April at a Glance!

Okay, so I average a post once a month... I guess that's better than nothing right?!? I feel like I never have time to do anything on this stupid computer unless it's grading papers or doing school. I am literally on this thing 6-7 hours a day and I am sure my poor boys are going to grow up hating computers because mommy was always on it. Anyway, I am way behind on posting what the Jones' have been up to but here is April in fast forward:

April 10th... Glen Allen's Birthday! The BIG 2-9!!! Yeah, I know... he's getting old but he is still as handsome as ever! We hit up Dave and Busters for lunch and then went out on the town (without the kids) that night for Texas Roadhouse (sorry, no saddle riding, he was being a party pooper)!
April 11th - The annual Allen Easter party! Yummy breakfast, the traditional egg toss (the winner got a 3 night stay in Cali - no we didn't win) and the kids Easter egg hunt which had to be moved downstairs in my in-laws basement because of the rain. Glen David was devistated that he couldn't do the egg toss with the big kids so Glen Allen did his own little egg toss with Glen David and he was not happy when it finally broke.

April 12 - Easter! The Easter bunny found his way to our house and left the boys a little basket with goodies inside and for some reason had a hard time carrying all his candy because he left a trail throughout the house for the boys to find! Good times!

April 18th - Monthly Mud Bog! Oh yeah, you can just call us Redneck!! Out at the motocross track they just started a once a month mud bog and sand drag where everyone comes out to watch idiots get their jeeps/trucks/quads/whatever, stuck in over 4 feet of solid mud, and also to watch all the guys with expensive sand rails drag to see whose is faster! My husband LOVES this (of course the boys do too)! There is a guy in our ward who has an old beater truck that my husband was able to ride in and become a true Chickin' Pickin' Jones BOY! Giddy up! Next time I will be getting a pedi while the boys hang with the Hillbillies!

April 21st - We found new renters! YAHOOO!!! Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers!!!

April 24-25th - Grandma and Grandpa's Ward Campout! We headed up to Reynolds Creek to get out of the heat and enjoy a little camping. The boys loved it... making S'mores, playing in the fire, playing kickball, catching bugs with daddy and just getting dirty!

All in all... a busy, eventful month for the Jones'!! Now my goal for this month is to stay on top of updating... we will see if I can really do it!