Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well another year has come and gone... yesterday was my 28th birthday and although I am feeling really old, I am very grateful for where I am in life and for all the blessings I have. The birthday celebrations actually started the day before so I was pampered both days! Thursday I went to lunch at The Cheescake Factory with my mom, my sister and all the boys. We had a great time and endulged in some EXCELLENT food! (Thank you mom and Brittney for the necklace and the $$)! I love getting together with them even though we had all the munckins with us. That was a nice way to start off the celebrations.
Then yesterday continued the birthday celebrations. I have a wonderful husband who did everything in his power to make sure the day was a special one for me. I woke up to my yummy oatmeal breakfast made for me and then when I got home from the gym, Glen Allen had cleaned the whole house for me! Seriously, that is one of the best treats for a mom. For lunch, we went to Mimi's Cafe with all of my in-laws where I got some much needed spending cash and a certificate for a free night at a hotel with babysitting included. (Glen Allen didn't complain about that present!)
After relaxing and trying to digest the huge lunch, Glen Allen got a babysitter and took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Not only was a nice date night planned, but without me finding out, Glen Allen arranged a little surprise party for me. A bunch of our friends were waiting at the restuarant when we got there. (And yes, just in case anyone was wondering, I did ride the "birthday bull" at dinner. There are pictures but I don't think I need to embarrass myself anymore!) The night was full of great food, great gifts and great company until the wee hours of the morning! Thank you so much babe for the flowers, the spending money, the purse and especially for making my big day such a special one! (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my purse?) Thank you!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Independence Day!

The 4th of July started bright and early for Glen Allen as he enjoyed 9 holes of golf in the hot Arizona heat while I took the boys to the ward pancake breakfast and parade. The kids were supposed to decorate their bikes of scooters for the parade but we didn't have enough time so we just took Glen's scooter for sure riding pleasure. When it came time for the parade, they lined all the kids up in a single file line for the parents viewing pleasure, but Glen didn't like the idea of being behind someone. He flew past everyone like he was riding for a gold medal! When it came time for the prizes for the best decorated bike, Glen was devistated! He didn't understand how he didn't win a prize when he "won the race"! Funny kid! After the breakfast, as if we were not already water logged enough from the night before, we went back to my mother-in-laws to swim with our friends the Harrolds. We love them! They are a blast to hang out with!

Later on that evening we went with our friends the Coopers and the Harrolds to Rawhide. (Thanks again Ryan and Tiffany!) We had never thought about doing anything besides sitting in my mother-in-laws backyard watching the fireworks from Rockin' R Ranch so we were excited to try something new. Rawhide was a blast! We went to the gun shows (which neither of the boys liked), panned for gold, went to the petting zoo and then got ready for the firework show. The fireworks were GREAT and the boys LOVED them! All in all, it was yet another great 4th of July, despite the HEAT!

All the kids on the Wagon!

Show me the MONEY!!

Ride 'em COWBOY! Yeehaw!!

This kid is so funny sometimes! He was constantly saying "milk" the whole night which means he wanted a drink. After the bottle was empty it immediately became the latest source of entertainment as we waited for the firework show to start.

Glen Allen always complains about how I don't have any pictures of me on the blog.... so honey... this one is for you! I love you!

Pre-4th of July Fun!

My brother-in-law Colter and my nephew Clayton share a birthday on July 3rd, so every year we get an extra long 4th of July celebration! The weekend started with a swimming party and BBQ at nana's awesome pool.

Glen and Clayton making trouble on the slide!

Baby pools are the greatest invention in the world!


Jaxon and Weston chowing down on some good BBQ cookin'!