Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just an update... Koralyn is growing just fine, moving like crazy and my belly is getting HUGE! I had my monthly appointment yesterday and I walked out of there with mixed feelings of whether I wanted to break down in tears and go into starvation mode or punch my doctor in the face. I heard the standard comment I have received during both of my other pregnancies right about this time (starting my 3rd trimester), "It looks like your weight jumped a little bit this month, try to keep an eye on that." I was hoping to avoid that comment this pregnancy but I guess I'm not that lucky! Why can't I be one of those women who literally just looked like they swallowed a basketball instead of the blessed curse I get of looking like the marshmallow puff man?!?! I have really been trying to consciously think about the blessings in my life lately and although I look like the marshmallow puff man, I am just grateful to have the ability to have children and to know that Koralyn is healthy and strong.

Oh, just in case anyone is wondering... I already have the c-section planned and scheduled! May 27th at 7:30 am! YAHOO!!! I love knowing the exact date!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harvest time!

If you remember, a little less than a year ago we attempted to start our own little salsa garden. We planted our sad little tomato plants, peppers, jalapenos and herbs which we didn't know whether or not they would actually grow and produce anything. Now they are all HUGE and we have these....

Glen Allen made his first batch of salsa, which was very yummy...but we now have tomatoes coming out our ears. If anyone wants some, just come on over!

Fly away butterflies....

For Christmas the boys got the coolest gift from Harmony and Chad's family (their aunt/uncle and cousins). They recieved a little jar that contained 5 tiny little caterpillars (unfortunately I didn't get a picture). Anyway, the concept is to watch the caterpillars grow, then cocoon, and then eventually turn into butterflies. Of the 5 caterpillars we were able to successfully see 4 of them cocoon and come out of their cocoons as butterflies. After we kept them in their butterfly habitat for a while to feed them and watch them grow, we let them go. It was a neat experience and the boys loved being able to see them grow and change so much through the whole process.

Here is Glen Allen trying to get them to come out of their butterfly habitat.

Both boys had the opportunity to hold one before they flew away.Isn't it beautiful? It's amazing how they go from ugly little caterpillars to this!


The expressions on their faces say it all! The boys absolutely LOVE Monster Trucks and everytime Monster Jam is on TV, they are glued. For Christmas this year we bought tickets for Monster Jam which was the end of January. The boys were so excited and asked almost daily when it was time to go. Jaxon loved it when the Monster Trucks would crash and loose their tires and Glen thought Spanky Spangler was awesome! I am so glad we had the opportunity to take them... they will never forget it!

This is Spanky Spangler... he had this old Volkswagon with this trailer attached and he was going to attempt to jump a ramp.
Here's the jump off the ramp! The boys thought it was so awesome when the fireworks went off at the same time he hit the vans/cars on the other side!
Infamous Batman...
And who could forget the best Monster Truck of all time (according to the boys)... GRAVE DIGGER!!!!!!!!

Snowing in Mesa???

Nope... we could only dream! It didn't snow but we had snow brought to us. Glen Allen is the Young Mens President so he took his Young Men up to Flagstaff after the big snow storm to do some tubing. They were nice enough to bring a truck bed full of snow home for the boys to enjoy. They loved being able to make snowballs to throw at all the young men!

Friday Night Fun!

A few weeks ago we wanted to find something fun for the boys to do that we haven't done before. It seems like we always do the same old thing and this time we tried to change it up a little bit. We found this great place called JumpStreet that has a kids section full of the inflatable slides/toys and then the rest of the place is full of trampolines all linked together. It's too bad I am pregnant or I would have been all over the place on those trampolines, they looked so fun! The boys loved it and still talk about the "jump place".

Monday, February 8, 2010

7 years of wedded bliss or 7 year itch? You decide!

For our anniversary this year Glen and I decided to take a little get away to Vegas with some friends of ours, the Busby's. We had a great time in Vegas, as always! We went on a beautiful little hike, we ate a TON, walked a TON, came out on top ($30 off of $1 in the penny slots - yeah we are big gamblers), got no sleep, saw the Tournament of Kings for the first time and tried our hardest to win BIG on Let's Make a Deal!

Here we are at Red Rock! Alyssa is big on working out and hiking lately so we went out to Red Rock, right outside of Vegas, to hike around which was actually really beautiful.

Ooh.. how cute! The happy couple!! :)

My sexy husband... he still has it!

No laughing... you have to dress up to be on Let's Make a Deal! Wouldn't you pick us?? I thought so, but obviously Wayne Brady didn't think the same. We had a blast anyway! :)

Thanks to all who watched our boys for us... it was much needed!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Years Tradition!

As most of you husband LIVES for sand dune season. Between our busy schedules and Glen's knee injury, we haven't been able to frequent the dunes as much as he would like, but that wasn't going to stop him from our traditional New Years Trip! For the past 2 years we have gone with several families and spent 4-5 days at the dunes between Christmas and New Years. This year was a success once again... no major injuries... no broken toys (at least for us)... and lots of late nights and fun memories! Glen David did EXCELLENT on his little quad! He rides like a champ and didn't want to get off of it from sun up to sun down. Jaxon was a little frustrated this year because he realized that his little quad just isn't cool anymore because it doesn't go fast like all the other kids. I think that quad has seen its last year for Jaxon... he is just getting too big and growing up too fast!

Flagstaff Fun!

As I mentioned previously, my mother-in-law gave everyone a snow trip for Christmas this year. So the day after Christmas, we headed up to Flagstaff and it was beautiful! We tubed and sledded all day long until everyone was exhausted. Jaxon was a little bit more fond of the snow than Glen was but that was only after Glen was taken out by a sled because he crossed the path while someone was going down. After that, he was very hesitant to try it again. Jaxon on the other hand, LOVED it! He kept sliding down on his bum, making snow angels, and hopping on the sleds for a fast ride. As you can see, he was exhausted and found a quick little nap on his brothers shoulder in the car. What a nice brother, Glen David! We had a great time and made some great memories! Thank you Nana!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay so once again it's been a while since I have updated my blog. I decided that I need to make it more of a priority since I am terrible at scrapbooking and the guilt of the fact that I haven't even started Jaxon's book is killing me. I know we are already into February (where does the time go??) but I am going to attempt to make a weekly post of all the "stuff" we did during the week, which means I need to get better at picture taking as well. I will get all caught up from Christmas on... ready for the ride?!?

For Christmas Eve we had my parents and my brother over for dinner. It was nice to have them over because it seems like we always go over there instead of having them to our house. We ate yummy steak kabobs, read the Luke 2 story and then they watched the boys open up their pajamas.

Christmas morning was eventful at the Jones house as always. The boys both got motorcyle bikes from Santa and several other goodies!

Christmas is usually about bouncing back and forth between my parents house and Glen's moms house as well as making other family parties as well. We first stopped for the infamous Grandpa Allen breakfast. Glen Allen says he will NEVER miss this Christmas tradition (which I am perfectly okay with because it's so yummy).

After eating breakfast we headed to my parents to do Christmas there with David and Ashley, Shawn and my parents. The boys got some GREAT gifts from grandma and grandpa and were so excited to show them the bikes that Santa brought.

Then we headed back to Glen's moms house for the Jones Christmas. Nana gave the family a snow trip to Flagstaff and suited all the grandkids up with gloves and hats to stay warm.
Then we took a much needed nap before hitting the extended Jones gift exchange and dinner. Once again, another crazy, busy Christmas but it was WONDERFUL as always.