Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas procrastinator...

Finally... we have our Christmas tree up! I finished it on Tuesday night which means I was procrastinated for several weeks and made it exactly one week before Christmas. I have been such a procrastinator this year with Christmas which is not typical. I don't know what the problem is - lack of money, lack of time, pure laziness - who knows. But needless to say, the tree is up and the house is decorated! YAHOO! Only 3 more days!

World's BEST dad!

My two little boys have the best dad in the world! Glen Allen is such a great father and absolutely loves his boys to pieces. As you can see, they feel the same way about their daddy! I am so glad to have such a wonderful husband!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Schools out for CHRISTMAS!!!!

Yahoo!!! I am DONE (for the semester)!! I feel like a student again who can't wait for Christmas break! When I was in school I always thought the teachers had it so easy... NOT TRUE!!! When my students start complaining about writing a simple 3-4 page paper, I remind them that they only have to write one paper and I have to grade about 20-30 per class (which equals about 120 papers total for just one assignment). Yeah, I am teaching 5 classes right now! Anyway... today was my last day of giving finals at Chandler-Gilbert and I can say I had everyone successfully pass (only one D). I just have my NAU class that still needs to finish their final and then I am on Christmas break for a month (definitely a perk to being a teacher... although along with that comes the disadvantage of no pay for that entire month... not fun right around Christmas). Anyway so I am very HAPPY!!! If anyone has any free time and wants to do a play date... I am all for it!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ride or BUST!

Well of course as all of you know, it's that time of year! Nope, I am not talking about Christmas. I think Glen Allen would probably say this time of year is better than Christmas... it's a toss up! SAND DUNE SEASON!!!! Glen Allen is like a little kid in a candy store during dune season. He talks about it, dreams about it, reads about it, watches FUEL TV about it, and did I mention talks about it, all day long.
The weekend after Halloween we headed to the dunes with a big group from my parents ward. It was a blast.... check out the new adidtion to our family! Glen Allen bought Glen David his own little quad. It was a killer deal we couldn't pass up and Glen David absolutely LOVES it. He talks about it all the time. He is quite the little rider... he knows where the throddle is and he is not afraid to use it! He is a speed demon like his dad! I am not even exaggerating... every day since the trip, Glen mentions the sand dunes and his quad. He keeps saying, "I want to go faster on my quad at the sand dunes this weekend!" He loves it and his daddy loves that he loves it!

Happy Late Halloween!

Okay, I know I am a month late, but better late than never huh? If you are questioning my lateness, refer down a few blogs for my excuses, there are plenty of them... all legit I must add. :)
Now that I have established that... here are this years Halloween pics. :) Glen was a little hesitant of Halloween for some reason. He wanted the candy but he wanted me to say "trick or treat" and get it for him. He wouldn't even walk up to anyone at our ward "truck or treat". I guess it's that whole stranger danger phase. He also thought he was a "costume". When you asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he kept saying, " I want to be a costume!". He didn't quite grasp the concept of his costume being a Ninja! Too funny! Jaxon was as cute as ever in his little Tigger outfit. He loved the big bowl of candy at grandma's house.

My little drunk monkey!

We were patiently waiting for Glen Allen to get in the car after a long day, we were all tired, Jaxon was hungry and mommy was cranky. I couldn't resist pulling out the camera for this one, however. He was holding the bottle up with his foot while half asleep drinking his bottle! What a little stinker!

Bath time!

As a mom, the favorite part of the day is bath time! WHY??? Because that means you have survived another day and it's almost bed time! YEAH! Majority of the time, both boys absolutely love bath time. It had been a while since I had gotten any bubbles for the bath and I knew Jaxon had never experienced bubble so I thought for sure he would love them and it would be a hit, but I guess not! He hated them! For some reason he was terrified of them and it was even worse when I put them on Glen's head. Who would have known?? Kids are so strange sometimes!

I am the luckiest!

I am the luckiest mom in the world! I have a wonderful, loving, supportive husband and the cutest two boys in the whole world (not that I am biased or anything!)