Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who doesn't love Grandma's and PJ's?

Aren't Grandmas the GREATEST!?! Just the other day my mom called and said she found a killer sale at Children's Place. Check out the new PJ's! The boys LOVE them (it doesn't look like it by their faces, but they were just mad at me for getting in front of the TV and interrupting Wow Wow Wubbzy)! Thanks Grandma!

Mom, is it Halloween Day?

Last weekend Glen Allen went out of town on a hunting trip with the boys (no-they didn't have any luck) and Glen David wanted to go. Of course that was not going to happen so he thought he would give Glen David something else to think about and be excited about instead of hunting.... the ward "truck-or-treat" party! Lucky me... I spent about 4-5 days of constant questioning, "Mom is today Halloween Day?" "Mom when are we going to Halloween?" "Mom, when is the party?" Finally the day came and he was SO excited to be a "motorcycle dude". Glen wore his motorcycle gear (basically an excuse to at least get some use out of the stinkin' expensive riding gear he had to have) and Jaxon was SUPERMAN! My mom came over and helped me get the boys ready and was my saving grace at the ward party. She handed out candy while I took the boys around. The boys LOVED it! By about 3 cars into the ordeal, they knew exactly what to say in order to fill their buckets!
Now that the ward truck-or-treat is over, the questioning starts over with, "Mom, when is it real Halloween and not church Halloween?" Don't you just love the 3 year old questioning age???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Official!

So as some of you may remember, about a year ago there was talk of me doing a 5K in Utah with my mom, sister, aunt and cousins. Well, that didn't happen. Then my aunt Lyn was still on this kick of doing something along the same lines and has convinced us (I have been a little slow to accept it and jump on the bandwagon) to complete a triathlon. There is nothing triathlon about me! Running... how about a "leisurely stroll"? Biking... does it have a motor? Swimming... how about drowning! Anyway, after fighting the urge and occasionally acting like I was really training, I thought what the heck... why not?!? I don't have to win and as long as I can at least crawl over the finish line within 24 hours of starting the race, I should be okay. Well, my mom just called and it's official... I am now registered! The good news is at this point, I can actually run the full 5K without stopping (or passing out), I can at least finish all 400 meters of the swim only guzzling about half a gallon of water (which is an accomplishment) and although I have endured blisters in places I never thought possible... me and cycle class have developed a love/hate relationship thanks to the greatest invention in the world... PADDED BIKING SHORTS! Who would have thought?? The triathlon is on November 1st... only 18 more days until D-DAY! Anyone want to join the "Heather circus" with me? It should be quite comical to say the least! Any words of advice? I need all the help I can get! I will make sure to update you on the results if I make it back alive.

Gilbert High School 10 - year reunion!

This past weekend was Glen's 10 year high school reunion. Friday night he went to the reunion over at Superstition Springs Golf Course into the wee hours of the night... he had a blast and was glad he went. I ended up not going because it was $100 a person (plus the cost of a babysitter if I had gone) and I didn't know anyone so I figured I would save us the money. Plus, Glen and Katie (one of Glen's partners in crime throughout high school - we love you Katie!) decided to put together a picnic the next day for the families to come, so I figured I would meet a few people there. We had the party/picnic over at my in-laws house and it turned out great! Everyone brought their own food and we got out the cotton candy machine and the popcorn machine for the little kids! I am sure several of those kids didn't take a nap because of the incredible sugar rush. I swear, one little boy had about 5-6 things of cotton candy! Yikes! Katie also brought their golf cart and a little train ride thing for the kids. They loved it! Then one of Glen's friends brought his wheel invention (for lack of a better term) and it was awesome. He found a metal electrical wheel in the bottom of a retention basin and decided to make a ride out of it. He made sure that everyone had a chance (both old and young) to experience it and let me just tell you, I am glad I ate lunch after riding on it or I would have lost my lunch! It was nice to meet some of my husbands friends and their families. The weather was beautiful, the company was good, the kids had fun so all in all, it was a success.

Playing Catch up!

So I have been a little overwhelmed lately and unfortunately the number of blog posts suffer. Now that I have a break from one class and a break from coaching this week (thank goodness for fall break) I have some time to catch up! Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks...

The always adorable Jaxon getting in his morning ride!

My boys relaxing on the hammock listening to Conference on a BEAUTIFUL fall morning!

Check out Bandit... isn't he HUGE?