Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad News!!

Well, I got a very unexpected, bad call from Glen Allen yesterday... due to the crappy economy we live in right now, he was laid off. Needless to say, I went through several different emotions yesterday from fear, to stress, anxiety, etc... the whole nine yards. His company was just not being as profitable as they needed to be so they let a handful of people go and he, unfortunately, was one of them. So... if you could please keep your ears open for any opportunities you might hear of or know of, he is on the HUNT!

Phoenix Zoo

When we got home from our trip we decided that quality "family time" was much needed! And of course with the weather as beautiful as it has been we thought we ought to hit up the zoo. We bundled up the jackets, packed the bag, rolled out the wagon and enjoyed a nice trip to the zoo!

Hey batter, batter!!! SWING!

Glen Allen plays softball on a Mesa city league every Tuesday come rain or shine! Glen David looks forward to the games every week and if we don't go he is so disappointed, so needless to say, we are there every week! Glen Allen usually pitches and without fail, it seems like he always leaves with some sort of mishap or injury! Check out the latest one! The batter hit a line drive right to Glen Allen's quad! OUCH!

North Shore and Anniversary

My sister-in-law Harmony is a professional photographer so we all pretty much designated her as the "picture person" to capture our entire trip. I honestly think she has about 2000 pictures. As soon as I get a hold of some of them I will post more... But since she was taking all the pictures, I literally only pulled out the camera one or two times. The only pictures I took were on North Shore the first night we got there in Oahu and then pictures of our room on our anniversary. We celebrated the "BIG 5" this year! What better place than in the romantic Hawaiian Islands! Glen talked to our cabin guy (Steve) and he had our room all set up when we got back that evening. Here are pictures of what our room looked like when we got back... There were balloons all over the place (which we had moved by the time I pulled out the camera), towels shaped like swans kissing, a big heart made out of Andes Mints around Glens gift to me, chocolate covered strawberries (YUMMY!) and a bucket full of ice with two bottles of champagne in it. It was actually kinda funny because I guess Steve didn't catch the drift that we are not drinkers... he was asked to bring sparkling cider! It was still cute and very romantic!

Catching up!

So I am still waiting to get a hold of all the pictures that were taken on our trip to Hawaii, which I will post before too long but there are a few things that happened in the mean time to catch up on!

For Christmas, Nana and Grandpa Allen always rent an hour over at the ice skating rink for the whole family. Glen David still has a hard time with it... one because he doesn't like being cold and two... he can't figure out the concept of the skates. One of these days...
Jaxon of course just loved watching the other kids "trying" to make it around the rink!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I apologize for disappearing for the last 2 weeks or so, Glen and I just got back this morning at midnight from HAWAII!!! Yes, Hawaii! It was a blast and absolutely gorgeous! For Christmas, my in-laws took the whole family (minus grandkids) on a 7 day Hawaiian cruise around the islands. There was 12 of us all together so there was never a dull moment. It was definitely an experience we will never forget!

I am extremely behind on my blogging and I will be adding pictures of the trip soon but between making up for all the lost hugs and kisses from my boys, starting another semester this morning at 8:00 am, stressing about how much money we spent, still thinking about putting Christmas decorations away and the piles upon piles of laundry to do... I don't have much more extra time. With that being said... there will soon be more to come... stay tuned...