Saturday, September 12, 2009


My baby is growing up!!! I can't believe I have a child old enough to be in preschool! Glen LOVES it and asks everyday if it is a preschool day.... unfortunately it's only twice a week for 2 hours a day. The first day of school they were supposed to bring something for show and tell and he was so excited to wear his motorcycle shirt.... what a funny kid! Jaxon had an absolute melt down when we took Glen and dropped him off because he wanted to stay and play with the new kids too. I tried to distract him by telling him we would go get a treat but the waterfall of tears continued so we had to go home and take a nap. The second day of school, he learned that if he didn't cry we would go get a treat! Little does he know... when we drop Glen off, it's mommy and Jaxon time!

Family Fun at the lake!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go out to the lake with Glen Allen's cousin Tyler, his wife Kristen and their family. We always talk about getting together and doing something and for some reason it never happens so I was way excited when a plan actually came together. We love Tyler and Kristen... they are so fun and make every activity, family party, get together, worth going! We of course headed out bright and early, before the sun was even up... which I HATE doing but it's the only way to get the good water and beat the unbearable heat that comes later on in the day. The boys were up and ready to go but in the 20 minute car ride this is what happened... Jaxon was out (with pop tart in hand)! The funny thing about this picture is that right after I took it (literally 5-10 seconds later) my husband turned up the music, Jaxon quickly popped his head up and yelled, "Now this is what I am talking about!" as he started jammin' out to the music. This kid is hilarious... he is my music lover and is always dancing every time he hears a song and is always telling my husband to turn up the music, even though it's already at a level beyond what I can handle.

Anyway, here are the kids (as you can see before the sun came up) so excited to be out on the lake! Cooper, Ella, Glen and Jaxon!
Here are pictures of my baby wakeboarding... what a STUD!

It was so hot that the kids kept asking when it was swimming time... my boys love just pulling over the side and having a chance to jump in a cool off. Yeah for swimming time!
As my husband will tell everyone... he hates that I don't typically try anything at the lake. I am sure it sounds like excuses but between getting burnt out when I was younger (because we went every weekend) and then being pregnant or having a newborn, I haven't done much at the lake since we have been married. He is always trying to get me to go ski or wakeboard and it just doesn't happen. Although he was glad I was actually trying something this trip... he was sad that it took Kristen convincing me, for me to actually go out. Believe it or not, I wakeboarded and tried the surfing for the first time! Go momma go!

The boys couldn't stop talking about surfing and wakeboarding but when it actually came time to step up and do it, they both had a fit! We couldn't do anything to get Glen out there but we finally convinced Jaxon although he was kicking and screaming the whole time!

After all the wakeboarding and surfing, we pulled out the air chair because Kristen and Tyler had never tried it before. They both did great and Kristen was the champ of the day! The air chair is not easy to get up on but she made it look like a piece of cake! Way to go Kristen (I didn't get any pictures of her because I was so excited she got up!) Here is Glen riding it like a pro!
We had a great day with the Jones family! Thanks Tyler and Kristen for a great trip to the lake, we will have to do it again soon!