Monday, December 28, 2009

Exciting News!

As you all know... I had my ultrasound scheduled on Christmas Eve to see what #3 was. We decided to take the boys with us so they could experience the excitment as well. It didn't take Dr. Beck long to determine that indeed it's a GIRL!!! We are very excited! Glen Allen is nervous at the thought of a girl but at the same time his heart just melts and he already knows that she will have him wrapped around her little finger. The boys are happy to know that mom and dad finally believe them that it is a girl. When we walked out of the doctors office Glen said, "Mom, I already told you it was a girl." It was almost as if he was offended that I didn't believe him this whole time and that we had to get confirmation from the doctor. What a funny boy! Needless to say, it will be a change for the Jones house since all we know is blue, motorcycles, quads, balls, skateboards and fighting... but I am excited to have some more estrogen around here since I am so out numbered! Let the SHOPPING begin! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

YES... we are still here!

Okay, okay, okay... after several "friendly reminders" or as I like to call it "guilt trips" from my mother about what a slacker I am on updating my blog, how everyone is wondering if we are okay, and hint about how my sister just updated her blog... here it goes! Grab a warm cup of hot cocoa and get comfortable because this is going to be a long one!

Yes we are still alive and as busy as always! Glen is working like crazy, going back to school to get his MBA in International Business and trying to keep up with all the young men in the ward as he was recently called as the YM's president. I am keeping busy with teaching 3 classes, barely surviving through the lovely 1st trimester and playing the "soccer mom" job of running Glen David all over the place. Glen David is in preschool and LOVES it. He asks everyday if it's a school day. He also just finished a Kid's Corale session where he would go to singing classes once a week. He just had his final Christmas performance where he was one of Santa's Elves. He did good (at holding up the wall in the back of the stage and playing with the Christmas lights that were used to decorate the stage) but I think he gets his nervousness from me! For his first performance, however, he did GREAT! Jaxon is just as busy as ever. He is our crazy man... he is very animated, loves to sing and dance and has a 16 year old girlfriend named Tiffany that he just adores! :) So there you have it... in a nutshell...we are doing good (and are excited to find out what #3 is on Christmas Eve!)
Here are some updates of pics from recent events that haven't made it on my blog... until NOW! :)

Pumpkin Carving/Painting
The boys wanted to do pumpkins but we figured it would be safer and cleaner to have them paint their own little pumpkins while Glen Allen carved the family pumpkin. I was the paint keeper/brush cleaner/camera person while the boys painted and Glen Allen meticulously carved our awesome pumpkin!

This year for Halloween we went over to the Busby's to have a potluck and hand out candy. The boys loved it because they were able to trick-or-treat with their friends (and a supervised adult... thanks Dan!) while the parents stayed back and handed out the candy. Jaxon was the cutest Power Ranger (until he got mad at me and decided to pout because I told him he couldn't eat anymore candy) and Glen was a tough football player!

Jaxon's 3rd Birthday!
I know... I can't believe it, my baby is 3 already! On November 30th we celebrated Jaxon's 3rd birthday and it turned out GREAT! When I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to play at the park and have a birthday hat.... how can you turn down such a "manageable" request? At least he didn't say he wanted to rent a sports car and drive to Disneyland for the week! Thank goodness he is still young! :) I was very nervous about the idea of having a party at the park, at night in what us Arizonan's call "winter", but it actually turned out better than I expected. All his friends came, we played, ate pizza, opened presents and enjoyed some yummy Funfetti cupcakes!

Believe it or not, that took him a LONG time to get his fingers right! :)
Glen couldn't stand the idea of missing out on a photo opportunity!

The infamous, requested birthday hat!
Glen was just as excited as Jaxon was to see what each present was!
YUM... funfetti... my FAVORITE!!!

Check out the MOVES!
This past weekend a friend of ours was celebrating his 7th birthday and all he wanted was a dance party. His dad works in a big warehouse and thought what better place to have dance party than a place with an awesomely huge dance floor! They hired a DJ and everything! Jaxon was of course struttin' his stuff and believe it or not, Glen David actually warmed up to the idea and showed off some moves we had never seen. Thank goodness Glen Allen didn't get out the camera when I was shakin' it... but Jaxon quickly put me in my place when the next day on the way to church Jaxon so innocently said to me... "Mom, you were dancing last night and it was awful!" It's pretty sad when a 3 year old tells you, you can't dance worth a can of beans!

... and to wrap things up... some randomness.

Here are a few random pictures taken of the the boys at home. Jaxon just looked so cute with his hat on, I couldn't resist snapping a few shots. The other pictures were taken tonight when the boys were outside playing a little frisbee!