Friday, June 27, 2008

10 year reunion UPDATE!

What a RELIEF!! My concerns and thoughts about my 10-year reunion seemed to be pretty accurate. My reunion initially was planned for a 3 day thing consisting of a Happy Hour on Friday night, a formal dinner on Saturday night (which was the $58 a person) and a family day at the park on Sunday. Well, it turns out that only a few people paid for the Saturday night thing so it was cancelled (go figure). Then a friend of mine went to the Happy Hour thing and said it was a waste. There were a few football players, a few of the snotty popular girls and then some of the kids that were in drama. She lasted about 2 hours until the alcohol started to set in for everyone and she couldn't stand the boring, meaningless conversations. It sounds like I made the right choice! YEAH!! Hopefully Glen's will turn out to be decent! We shall see...

Friday, June 20, 2008

New SUMMER Do's!

There is nothing like a cool summer buzz cut! Check out the new do's! Low maintenance and nice and cool!

My little FISH!

The battle continues but looks promising!! Over a year ago I put Glen in year round indoor swimming lessons. My mother-in-law had just recently put in a pool so she insisted that all the grandkids learned how to swim at her expense (which was very nice of her). The lessons started off really good but slowly and surely it was becoming a real hassle and was not productive. The lessons were once a week for 30 minutes and the place was not close. So between gas, miles, scheduling the lessons between my school hours and nap time, Glen's declining interest, increased weekly fights to listen to the instructor, and the January week long Hawaii trip I had planned, I decided to take a break for the rest of the winter months. Instead of taking a month or two off, it ened up being 6 months because I procrastinated signing him up again. As soon as the pool season started again this year I realized that my efforts had been useless because Glen regressed a ton from where he was when we took a "break" from the lessons. He didn't even want to get near the water, let alone practice all the swimming and floating techniques he had learned. My mom told me about a lady in her ward who has been teacgin swimming lessons for over 16 years and guarantees after 8 lessons (2 weeks), she can throw the kids in the middle of the pool and they will be able to swim to the side all by themselves (plus it is right down the street from my moms house). SIGN ME UP! So this week was the first week of the lessons and the results are amazing! He can jump off the side and swim the whole length of the pool by himself and he is even brave enough to jump off the diving board and swim to the side all by himself. He loves it! After the 1st day he said, " I don't like inside swimming lessons, only outside swimming lessons with grandma's friend Ms. Shelly". I am so glad we found something that works! The only crappy thing is it's in the middle of the hottest part of the day and I have to sit outside and watch! It's stinkin' HOT!

Although Jaxon doesn't get to swim, he is entertained by their pet turtle "Scooter". He was a little hesitant at first but each day he will gets closer and closer!

Soaking up the SuMmEr SuN!

There is nothing fun about Arizona from about April to October unless you enjoy 3rd degree burns from the seats in the car, or seat belt sweat marks, or sitting inside all day with every ceiling fan in the house turned to maximum speed while the AC blows constantly! The one advantage of the desert heat is the plentiful opportunities to catch some rays and swim until the cows come home! The boys and I also enjoy play dates during the summer months since I am now done teaching on campus. My friend Melissa and I try to get together once a week to let the kids play. This week we went over and the kids had a blast playing in the baby swimming pool and with other fun water toys. Ah, to be young again!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unusual Father's Day

This fathers day was a little out of the ordinary than the typical fathers day. Our family has been experiencing a rather large trial lately which had a direct affect on the events that typically surround fathers day. Without going into detail, we decided as a family that the day would be better enjoyed as a family rather than going to church. We woke up bright and early and went over for breakfast at my mother-in-laws house to enjoy some yummy muffins and cereal. Then as a family (including my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law Colter, my sister-in-law Connie and her family) we took a Sunday drive up to Woods Canyon Lake to have a picnic. It was so nice to get out of town for the day and to enjoy a little bit of cooler weather. We had our picnic and then the boys had a good time attempting to catch critters in the lake.

After spending a few hours enjoying the outdoors we headed back home to have dinner with my family. Instead of the usual Sunday dinner at my moms house, I decided to invite everyone over to my house for dinner. It was a little cramped for space but it was nice to have everyone over. I am very grateful for my father and the exmaple he is to me. I love him so much! I am also very blessed to have a wonderful husband. He is such a great father to our boys and there is no doubt how much he loves them and they love him!

Friday, June 13, 2008


So I missed the deadline (on purpose) for paying for my 10 year reunion and they don't take payment at the door so I am not going. Am I crazy? I wonder if I will regret it? I don't know! I had mixed emotions and feelings about my 10 year. First of all, I don't look anything like I did in high school (go figure 2 kids later) so my pride got the best of me (because even though I shouldn't, I still care about what people think of me) and I don't want to go back looking like I do. Second of all, I don't want to pay $120 for a, most likely, lame dinner so everyone else can get wasted on my dime. Third, there really aren't too many people from high school that I care to see and the ones that I would want to see are probably not going to be there anyway. So are my excuses lame enough or what? I guess I am just trying to justify for myself, why I am not going. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Alright already!

So this past week I had a much needed girls night out and some of my girlfriends (who shall remain nameless - however you know who you are!) started teasing me about the lack of posts on my blog. Come on ladies... I am a busy girl! Anyway, so I guess I need to get better at blogging and posting "stuff" even though I don't feel like I ever have anything great to say and I am the worst at remembering my camera at every little thing. Here are some recent ones!

Don't you just LOVE peanut butter? Jaxon obviously does!

We went to the lake a few weeks ago for the first family lake trip of the summer. The boys love grandpa's boat! Here is Jaxon and my nephew Luke sitting on uncle David's lap.