Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where does the time go?

It's been a busy summer for us so far. Here are a few pictures of the fun!

Glen Allen started guitar lessons and had his first recital which he did great at. Here he is jammin' out with his instructor Chad.
We have taken a few trips to the lake this summer. The boys absolutely love it. Here are a few pictures...

Glen David learned how to surf all by himself this summer. He is so proud of himself and was telling people for days that he surfed all by HIMSELF! :)

Here's Glen and Jaxon tubing with aunt Sadie and aunt Rachel.Like father like sons... the boys suiting up for a little skateboard session!
Here is another lake trip adventure with my side of the family. The boys were hesitant to do the air chair with uncle David but Glen quickly decided how fun it was and started all his air bending tricks he has learned from watching so many episodes of The Last Airbender. :)

For 4th of July we went to downtown Mesa for the fireworks show. It was awesome! That was on Saturday night. Then Sunday we had dinner at the Harrolds and went over to the church parking lot to watch the fireworks at AJ High. All in all... a good weekend!

We also did a BBQ the Monday after the 4th with my family and Uncle David and Aunt Ashley brought over their slip and slide for the boys to play on before we swam.